County Office of Education

The video below shares some quotes from Santa Clara County Office of Education trustee Joseph DiSalvo, from the October 19th, 2013, Charter School Workshop.

In this clip, Trustee DiSalvo argues for using the Gates Collaborative Compact to close three San Jose Unified schools, and replace them with charter schools.  Earlier in the meeting, Superintendent Xavier De La Torre describes the process by which 38 county charters have been approved, likening the process to the unethical lobbying of a board member prior to filling an opening in an organization.

This County Office of Education has approved more charters than any other county, by a factor of 2, in what their own white papers calls “Charter School Urban Sprawl”.  Instead of supporting local district schools, they’ve taken a position that leaves them at odds with many districts by regularly approving charters on appeal.

The full length audio file may be heard by following this link.