Mayor Chuck Reed has just requested that the Tamien Rocketship item be deferred. has obtained the letter from lobbyist Erik Schoennauer requesting that deferral.  We were shocked to find that the letter was only two paragraphs in length, and contained no rationale for the deferral, but rather stated simply “It is necessary that we defer all of Tamien items”. is extremely concerned about the power wielded by Lobbyist Schoennauer.  With no more than just a few sentences, he was able make a major course correction, upsetting months of planning.  Is there any distinction between the lobbyist and government, or is the lobbyist now in charge of the project?  How could the Mayor respond so quickly with so little information?

The council voted 7-2-2 to defer the meeting until Nov 19th at 7:00pm.

Please send the mayor an email and let him know that last second deferrals without cause are a lousy way to run a government!