At StopRocketship.com, we strongly believe that Hispanic communities should self determine their future.  Education in Hispanic, Spanish speaking communities should be primarily controlled by Spanish speaking Hispanics.  We grow concerned when outside organizations controlled by white men come into our communities and tell us what kind of education our community needs.  Rocketship’s executive leadership team is 75% white men, their board of directors is 60% white, with only 2 out of 12 Latino members.

The Tamien/Washingotn neighborhood in which Rocketship is concentrating 3 new Rocketship schools is 85% Latino and overwhelmingly Spanish speaking or bilingual.

It’s interesting to compare the Rocketship board which is primarily white to the locally elected San Jose Unified board, which is 60% Latino/Latina.  The representative for the Washington/Tamien community is Teresa Castellanos, a Spanish speaking bilingual Latina who lives nearby.

Rocketship’s offices are located in fancy offices in Redwood City, CA (picture below), while we in the community struggle by paycheck to paycheck. It’s hard to explain this without following the money!

LeadershipTeam1 Board_Rocketship



Rocketship Corporate Offices in an affluent neighborhood in Redwood City, CA, a 30 minute drive from Washington/Tamien.