Rocketship Test Score Free-Fall

Rocketship’s primary focus and claim to fame is high test scores.  However, an analysis by shows that they are experiencing very significant test score declines, which calls into question the long term scalability and viability of their program.  Extrapolating the trend based on an average of Rocketship’s K-5 schools would put them below an API of 750 in the next 3 years.

Rocketship has shown consistently dropping test scores since its inception. They started out in the Top 1% of elementary schools serving more than half of Sociology-economically disadvantaged students, are now in the top quarter, and at this pace, would be in the bottom quarter in only a few years

As compared with a holistic educational model exemplified by Washington Elementary, Rocketship’s test prep model appears to be failing.


API vs Rocketship

Rocketship has shown dramatic declines in 2013, particularly at its flagship school, Mateo Sheedy.  Further evidence of an education model which is failing.

API Growth 2013While a select few of Rocketship schools still show high test scores, two of the five K-5 Rocketship schools have fallen below the state API goal of 800, and have been deemed failing schools.  Ironically, by Rocketship’s own standards, they would need to build another school nearby to compete with and replace their own failing schools.

API 2013