General Plan Amendment

Rocketship wants the city of San Jose to amend their 20 year visionary plan, Envision 2040, which was only finalized a year and a half ago.  A park has been planned at the Tamien site for more than 20 years.  Now Rocketship wants the city to change the zoning of the land to be a very high density elementary school.  Rocketship’s charter was recently increased by the  Santa Clara County Office of Education to 700 students on their 0.7 acre school sites, representing an unprecedented student density on land which should be open space.

The community came out in force in the August 26th community meeting that the city is required to hold when a change is made to the general plan.

Sadly, the city ignored feedback from 100 citizens in their their staff report.  Instead, they simply “acknowledged” the community.  Apparently feedback is only taken that agrees with the city.

Below is a presentation that community members provided, analyzing the specifics of Envision 2040 and how it aligns with the Rocketship Tamien project.  There are so many ways in which this project does not align with the City’s general plan.  However, the planning staff and planning commission have chosen to turn a blind eye, ignoring the clear issues with the plan.

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