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Fact Checking Rockethip’s new “Get The Facts” Website

Rocketship recently launched a new website,  We presume this is an outgrouth of Ms. Garcia Kohl’s statement in the Mercury News “Garcia-Kohl lamented that the criticism comes with the charter outfit’s growing profile. ‘We see more and more misinformation,’ she said.”  Just a wild stab in the dark, but she’s probably talking about us.

It seems that Rocketship has struggled to provide the public with consistent and accurate information.

  • Fact #1:  Rocketship is a public school.
    Rocktetship is actually a private corporation, with a 501C3 and an unelected board of directors.  Rocketship requires 30 volunteers hours a year, so “Any” student can attend, but only as long as you define “Any” as a student who’s parents are available to volunteer.  Public schools, as a side note, really do take “Any” student regardless of parental volunteer abilities or special education status.
  • Fact #2:  Rocketship will contribute $2.5million to the Tamien Park.
    The Mayor testified that Rocketship would contribute only $1.5million.  We did the Math:
    Sale price = $848,896.
    Joint Use Agreement Fees (33year lease) = 651,104
    That sums to a magic $1.5million.  Maybe they are counting development of the playground and parking lot, but that’s primarily for their own use; it would be somewhat disingenuous to call that a full contribution to the park.Also, their “Myth” is actually quite true — Rocketship was indeed attempting to rezone the land from parkland to multi-residential!  Quoting from the City Council Agenda:
    “Tentative approval of General Plan Amendment to change the Envision San José 2040 General Plan Land Use/Transportation Diagram designation from Open Space, Parklands and Habitat to Public/Quasi-Public to allow a public elementary school on a 1.4 gross acres site located on the south east corner of Goodyear Street and Pepitone Avenue (1197 Lick Avenue) (City of San José, Owner).

We’ll give Rocketship half credit for the first “Fact”, and no credit for the second fact.  Their grade: 25%.  We hope they’ll add more actual Facts!

Myths & Facts from Rocketship’s new “Get The Facts” Website

Sale Agreement:

Snapshot of sale agreement