Hidden Agendas

The Case of the missing Agendas

We were surprised to find that Rocketship had removed board material from their website.  Rocketship claims to be a “public school“, but it appears that they aren’t so public in sharing their board meeting information.

But don’t worry, we’ve archived all documents, and are hosting them here for public review.  You can find the archive at: http://www.stoprocketship.com/rocketship-board-material

For example, we found the April 30th business committee documents at the address below, and publicized the fact Rocketship planned to move to a 50:1 student to teacher ratio in order to clear $500k/school.   Shortly thereafter, the document disappeared.  Now it appears that all documents referenced in their board minutes are missing.  Try it out, you’ll receive a 404 error.


Check out the website snapshot from September 2013 (we anticipated this would happen), before StopRocketShip.com launched, and the snapshot today.  All exhibits are missing!

September 2013:  http://www.rsed.org/Full-Board-Committees.html


November 2013:   http://www.rsed.org/Full-Board-Committees.cfm.  All exhibits are missing.