Holistic Education vs. Test Prep

We, at StopRocketship.com, have been following educational models in the community closely.  At first, Rocketship showed very impressive test scores, which left everyone in the community excited to see what would happen next.  But over time, the scores have fallen, along with our excitement as Rocketship’s aggressive recruiting and singular focus on test scores has left a divided community.

API vs Rocketship
What is it about Washington’s model that provides consistent gains, and what is it about Rocketship’s model that keeps falling?


Rocketship Model — Sit in front of a computer and practice for CSTs
Community Integrated Education2
Washington’s model — Use community partnerships to meet all student, family and community needs

We think the answer is Community Based Holistic Education.  You can get short term gains by drilling students with computers and worksheets.  But if you want real long term gains, you have to change students, families, and the community as a whole.  That’s exactly what’s happening at Washington Elementary.     Community Integrated Education1