Inconsistencies in Waiting List

In this EdSurge article, Rocketship makes the following claim:

“978 families in Tamien are on Rocketship’s waitlist”

2010 Census data shows that there are a total of 745 five to fourteen year old children living in the Tamien Census block (Census track 5031.13).  This appears to be inconsistent with Rocketship’s claim of having 978 families in Tamien on their waitlist.

In the same article, Rocketship again claims a 27 to 1 student to teacher ratio:
“The computer is more about facilitating the 40/50 to 1 teacher ratio and not really about doing long-term education,” says Tamien community member and parent, Brett Bymaster.  Rocketship shrugs off the complaints, contending that its average ratio is closer to 27 to 1.”

Rocketship’s own board material says it targets a 41:1 student to teacher ratio, and repeats the 41:1 ratio again in it’s charter school petition to Morgan Hill Unified.

Census map showing the Tamien Census Blocks


Rocketship’s board material makes claims to a 41:1 student to teacher ratio

From:  Morgan Hill’s Charter Petition Denial Recommendation.

A 41:1 student to teacher ratio is shown again in the charter petition to Morgan Hill Unified.