Inconsistent Testimony to San Jose City Council

In the video below, Ms. Garcia-Kohl provides inconsistent testimony to the City Council at the June 18th meeting regarding Rocketship Brilliant Minds.  Here, Ms. Garcia-Kohl is answering questions from Council Member Don Rocha (who has met with and listened to Washington Community members) along with Rocketship lobbyist Erik Schoennauer.

Ms. Garcia-Kohl claims that Rocketship sticks to a 30:1 teacher:student ratio, however, Rocketship’s own board material set the goal at 41:1


Also, Ms. Garcia-Kohl conveniently failed to state that Rocketship had increased their maximum attendance to 700 students just 1 month prior to this meeting.  This was approved by the Santa Clara County Office of Education on 5-15-13, by a vote of 5-1-1.  It’s hard to imagine cramming 700 students into these 0.6-0.7 acre sites with 50:1 student to teacher ratios, but that’s exactly what they have been authorized to do!Enrollment

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California Department of Education Dataquest report on Student to Teacher ratio.  Click on the school name to see the report on the CDE’s website.

FTE Teachers
Percent English Proficient
Pupil Teacher Ratio
Rocketship Discovery Prep6381643.3%39.9:1
Rocketship Los Suenos Academy6261544.6%41.7:1
Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary5891656.5%36.8:1
Rocketship Si Se Puede Academy65816.251.2%40.6:1
Rocketship Mosaic Elementary6351657.4%39.7:1
Morgan Hill Unified4696188.558%25:1