Inconsistent Testimony to SJ Planning Commissions

During the 5/8/13 Planning Commission meeting, Commissioner Brian O’Halloran asks Ms. Jessica Garcia Kohl if a Rocketship has ever dropped in scores. Ms. Garcia-Kohl responds that scores of a few schools may have dropped by a few points, but not the huge 20 point drop seen by nearby Lyndale Elementary. The truth is that, in fact, Rockesthip Los Suenos had a precipitous 46 point drop from 2011 to 2012, and another 3 point drop in 2013, making the two year dop nearly 50 points! And now, Rocketship Los Suenos’ scores are lower than Lyndale, who had a 26 point gain last year.

2011 API 2012 API 2013 API 2011 to 2012 change 2012 to 2013 change
Rocketship Los Suenos Academy 839 793 790 -46 -3
Lyndale Elementary 789 769 795 -20 26


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