At, we believe in public accountability.  Accountability is at the core of our shared democratic values.  But when private corporations take over public institutions, we are not sure who is overseeing them and keeping them accountable.  Below you will find a series of inconsistencies from Rocketship.

Inconsistency #1:  Jessica Garcia-Kohl provides testimony with inconsistencies to San Jose city council to ensure that Rocketship Brilliant Minds is approved — 6/18/2013.  Ms. Garcia Kohl claims that Rocketship limits school size by ensuring that classroom have no more than a 30:1 student to teacher ratio.  Rocketship’s own documents claim that they target 41:1, and they plan to move to 50:1.

Inconsistency #2:  Jessica Garcia-Kohl claims that Morgan Hill’s Jackson Elementary  is the worst school in Santa Clara County, when in fact it is not, and actually scores higher than Rocketship Discovery and Los Suenos!!   8/28/13.

Inconsistency  #3:  Jessica Garcia-Kohl provides inconsistent numbers during the planning commission meeting to make Rocketship test scores look better than they were — 5/8/13.

Inconsistency #4:  Jessica Garcia-Kohl claims that Rocketship is in the top 5% of schools serving predominately low income students — 11/6/13.  Our analysis shows that Rocketship is in the top 25% on average, with 2 of their 5 schools coming at a less than impressive 45%.

Inconsistency #5:  Rocketship’s Charlie Bufalino, manager of growth and policy, claims that “978 families in Tamien are on Rocketship’s waitlist”, when Census data from Tamien shows a total of only 745 school aged children.  The 27:1 student to teacher ratio is repeated, inconsistent with Rocketship’s board reports and charter petitions which target a ratio of 41:1.