Lobbyist Over Community

Sadly, the following City Council Members have refused to meet with community members, but still managed to find time to have a total of more than 15 meetings with Rocketship’s paid Lobbyist, Erik Schoennauer.  At Rocketship.com, we feel It’s a sad day for our city leaders when lobbyist take priority over effected community members.

Rocketship supporting City Council Members who did not meet with community members: Pete Constant, Sam Liccardo, Madison Nguyen, Rose Herrera, Pierluigi Oliverio,

(Note that Liccardo had multiple meetings with Rocketship’s lobbyist before recusing himself when he married Jessica Garcia-Kohl, the head of Rocketship’s communit development)


Below is an email that StopRocketShip.com obtained through a public records request.  In this email, Herrera’s chief of staff told a Washington/Tamien community member that the CouncilWoman’s calendar was booked until after the Jan 8th vote.  But then, as if by magic, space opened for  Mr Schoennauer on the day before the City Council vote (see Ms. Herrera’s calendar entry below).



Rose Herrera, calendar entry on the day before the first Rocketship Tamien City Council Vote, when her calendar was “booked”.

8 Rose Herrera 1/7/2013 1/7/13 Meeting with Erik Schoennauer – Rocketship Charter Public Schools