Rocketship’s registered Lobbyist, Erik Schoennauer has two main clients:  Bay 101 Casino and Rocketship Education. We at StopRocketship.com are concerned that he may not always have the best interests of the community at heart.


Mr. Schoennauer’s father and business partner, Gary Schoennauer, was a former City of San Jose Planning Director.  Mr. Schoennauer has made political action committee contributions to elect charter friendly politicians that would approve his projects.  Between Mr. Schoennauer’s connection to his father, and the City Councilman’s marriage to Rocketship’s head of Community Relations, the strength of the Rocketship’s Lobbyists’ connections to City leadership are striking.

Mr. Schoennauer is infamous in our community for his quote during a Santa Clara County Board of Education meeting.  Dozens from the community had poured out their hearts, politely but assertively expressing their concern about the proposed Rocketship.  Mr. Schoennauer responded as below (quoted from the Mercury News ).

“The city’s opinion should matter the most,” said Eric Schoennauer, Rocketship’s land-use consultant. He dismissed objections as “legal maneuvers and tired arguments against charters.”

As you can imagine, the community disagreed.  We at StopRocketship.com believe that in a democratic society, the views of the people in whose neighborhood a proposed building will be built are extremely important.  After all, it would be their children whose education may be affected by a new school, it is their streets which could be affected by increased traffic.  Perhaps most importantly, in this urban setting where large plots of land are infrequently encountered, if used for unnecessary purposes, they are gone.  This community is united in its common desire for a middle school and a high school, but land (other than this plot) is scarce.

Here is the official Lobbyist report from the City of San Jose, showing that Mr. Schoennauer and his father are registered lobbyist.ErikLobbyist

Below is a list of the times Mr. Schoennauer lobbied the City Council for the Rocketship Tamien site.  Clicking on the links will take you to the council member’s public calendar.




Calendar Link


1 Constant 5/9/2012 Click Here Meeting requested by Jessica Garcia-Kohl and REGISTERED LOBBYIST Erik Shoennauer : Tamien/ Goodyear joint use project for Rocketship Charter School to be heard by the City
Council on May 22nd.
1 Constant 12/12/2012 Click Here Meeting requested by Erik Schoennauer — Pete’s Office: Rocketship Tamien School/Park
2 Kalra 5/16/2012 —– Wednesday, May 16, 2012 —– Jessica Garcia-Kohl, Eric Schoenauer, Rocketship Education; Re: City Council 5-22-12 item 4.2
2 Kalra —– Thursday, December 20, 2012 —– Erik E. Schoennauer & Jessica Garcia Kohl, Rocketship Charter Schools; Re: Tamien school site
3 Liccardo 2/7/2008 —– Thursday, February 07, 2008 —– John Danner (Rocketship Education), Matt Hammer and Elizabeth Alvarez (PACT), Gary Rummelhoff (SCC Board of Education), Reed Hastings (Netflix), and Jim Blew (Walton Foundation)
3 Liccardo 2/20/2008 —– Wednesday, February 20, 2008 —– Stephanie deRaynal (Bill Gould Design), Bill Gould (Bill Gould Design), John Danner (Rocketship Education), John Poindexter, and Erik Schoennauer (Lobbyist-Shoennauer Company) re: Rocketship
3 Liccardo 8/31/2009 —– Monday, August 31, 2009 —– Neil Stone, John Danner (Rocketship Education) and Erik Schoennauer (lobbyist-The Schoennauer Company)) re: City Surplus Property at 551 Keyes and Bird and W. Virginia
3 Liccardo 11/27/2009 —– Friday, November 27, 2009 —– PHONE CALLS w/ Jay Rosenthal re: Chamber, Tamien, San Carlos, Campaign; Dan Fenton re: Taxi’s/Convention Center; Dolly Sandoval re: VTA; and Erik Schoennauer (lobbyist-Schoannauer Co) re: Rocketship/Tamien Park
3 Liccardo 12/7/2009 —– Monday, December 07, 2009 —– Matt Cano, Erik Schoennauer (lobbyist-Schoennauer Company) and John Danner (Rocketship School) re: Rocketship Tamien Campus
3 Liccardo 9/9/2010 —– Thursday, September 09, 2010 —– Eric Schoennauer (lobbyist-The Schoennauer Company), David Feinberg and John Danner (Rocketship Education) re: Proposed Wooster Campus and F/up on Tamien Park/School Proposal
3 Liccardo 3/13/2011 —– Monday, March 14, 2011 —– PHONE CALL w/ Erik Schoennauer (lobbyist-Schoennauer Co.), Preston Smith and Laura Kozel (Rocketship), and David Feinberg (Launchpad) re: Rocketship
3 Liccardo 11/17/2011 —– Thursday, November 17, 2011 —– Evan Kohn, Rocketship Education re: Rocketship
3 Liccardo 1/4/2012 —– Wednesday, January 04, 2012 —– Lunch w/ John Danner, Rocketship Education
4 Chu 12/19/2012 —– Wednesday, December 19, 2012 —– KC/SF: Erik Schoenauer re: Rocketship Tamien School and Park
5 Campos 9/28/2012 —– Friday, September 28, 2012 —– Jessica Garcia-Kohl, Rocketship Education and Erik Schoennauer (Lobbyist) with Joseph Sánchez and Josúe García Topic: Rocketship
5 Campos 1/7/2013 —– Monday, January 07, 2013 —– Erik Schoennaur, Jessica Kohl-Garcia (Lobbyists) & Alicia Gonzalez & Joe Lucero (Rocketship Parents) – Topic: Council Item 4.2 Rocketship Tamien School with Joseph Sanchez
6 Oliverio 3/29/2007 —– Tuesday, May 29, 2007 —– Auzerais & 3rd & Keys Facilities Status Meeting with John Danner, CEO, Rocketship Education & Erik Schoennauer, The Schoennauer Co., LLC
7 Nguyen 5/5/2010 —– Wednesday, May 05, 2010 —– John Danner (CEO, Rocketship Education ) and Erik Schoennauer (The Schoennauer Company) – Re: Rocketship Charter School
7 Nguyen 5/16/2012 —– Wednesday, May 16, 2012 —– Jessica Garcia-Kohl (Director of Community Relations-Rocketship Education) – Re: Rocketship Charter School at Tamien Caltrain Station
7 Nguyen 9/19/2012 —– Wednesday, September 19, 2012 —– Meeting with Rocketship School Administration Staff and Parents – Re: Discussing topics that are related to the school
8 Rose Herrera 5/10/2012 —– Thursday, May 10, 2012 —– Meeting with Jessica Garcia-Kohl
8 Rose Herrera 1/7/2013 —– Monday, January 07, 2013 —– Meeting with Erik Schoennauer – Rocketship Charter Public Schools
9 Rocha 1/7/2013 —– Monday, January 07, 2013 —– CM Rocha, Erik Schoennauer Mtg re: Rocketship Tamien
9 Rocha —– Thursday, February 07, 2013 —– Meeting with Joe Horwedel and Laurel Prevetti re: Rocketship
10 Khamis ? ? Khamis stated during public comment he met with Rocketship, but didn’t list on his calendar