Minimum Viable Education

Rocketship’s experimentation on Low Income Children for Zeal’s Minimum Viable Education

At the November 19th, 2013 City Hall Hearing on Rocketship Tamien, community members discussed John Danner’s concept of “Minimum Viable Instruction“, the foundation upon which he hopes to grab a chunk of the $4trillion education market with his for profit software company, Zeal.

A Discovery Prep Rocketship teacher confirmed that children had been experimented on to benefit Mr. Danner’s company. Fortunately, the students and families had been informed, and signed a waiver, according to the teacher.

Charter schools, by legislation, are required to produce innovations and share them with surrounding district schools. We look forward to receiving the report and data on the success or failures of the Zeal experiments, data which we’re hoping Rocketship and Zeal will freely share with the community and school districts.

Minimum Viable Instruction, City Hall Testimony 11/19/13