Rocketship has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into PACs, and acted with an aggression that is characteristic of highly profitable sectors.  This makes one want to follow the money trail. has been investigating this for quite some time. Follow the links below to see what we’ve learned so far.

  1. Profit Potential:  Hedge Fund Investors and Software developers are poised for huge profit windfalls from educating poor students of color, using public tax dollars.
  2. Money Trail: Follow the money trail from Washington DC to San Jose.
  3. Money Diverted?:  Rocketship’s management and facility fees are twice that of Morgan Hill Unified, and board reports indicate the difference is being used to fund growth.
  4. Rocketship Private Corporation?:  An attorney that represents Rocketship argues that charters are private corporation in defense of a convicted charter embezzler on behalf of the California Charter School Association.
  5. Investors Make Millions:  High student-to-teacher ratios and lack of transparency enable huge tax payer funded profits for tennis great Andre Agassi and his investors.