Rocketship Private Corporation?

Yevgency Selivanov, guilty of embezzling charter school funds, sentenced to 4 years in prison

Rocketship’s attorney, Paul Minney, recently filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of Ivy Academia Charter Schools in L.A.  Ivy Academia’s executive director, Yevgency Selivanov, was sentenced to 4 years in prison for embezzling state funds. In that brief, Minney, states, “Again, the court cases and other arguments cited above make it abundantly clear that the nonprofit operators of charter schools are private entities under contract with local school districts and are not the state, nor a county, nor a city, nor a town, nor a district, nor any other “public agency” of the state.”

Rocketship’s own legal council argues that they are indeed a private corporation.  Rocketship is organized as a 501C3, with a separate land holder, Launchpad LLC.   For more, see this link.

With Rocketship’s aggressive growth, and profit generating plans for 50:1 student to teacher ratios, we are increasingly worried about a lack of public oversight.  The criminal conviction above makes us all the more worried.