Rocketship’s Broken Promises

Rocketship has made big promises to their communities, tax payers, and publicly elected officials.  But they’ve struggled to keep those promises.  Rocketship is a private corporation with privately appointed board members, but receives public funding from tax payers.  It’s important that tax payers, parents and the community hold them accountable to their promises!  Below, we show three examples of promises that Rocketship publicly made to get schools approved; promises that were broken within 2 years.

As Rocketship looks to triple the number of students in next 5 years, they will be looking for many more school approvals, making many more promises.


Rocketship Broken Promises

Broken Promise #1:

Local Control of Rocketship schools


Rocketship Broken Promises

Broken Promise #2:

School Performance Contract


Rocketship Broken Promises

Broken Promise #3:

Working with local districts

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