Teacher To Student Ratio Testimony

Upon questioning by Commissioner O’Hollaron, Rocketship’s Chief Business Officer, Andrew Stern, claims that people claiming the student to teacher ratio is 40:1 are manipulating the numbers, “The math isn’t exactly right.”  He goes on to add, “I don’t think we ever put 40 to 1 in our PowerPoint”.

Here is the slide from which we presume Mr. O’Halloran is referring, from the August 7th, 2013 board meeting.

Below you will find 3 examples from Rocketship’s board material where the 40:1 teacher to student ratio is shown.  Andrew Stern was listed as present when these materials were presented on July 23rd 2013.  The goal of 41:1 or even 50:1 is listed dozens of other times in Rocketship’s materials, a fact that is grossly inconsistent with his testimony to the San Jose Planning Commission, and Garcia-Kohl’s testimony elsewhere.

July 23rd Meeting Minutes

From Meeting Agenda

From: http://www.rsed.org/documents/ExhA-RSEDBusinessCommittee-23July2013Final.pdf

From Page 7

RocketshipStudentToTeacherRatioFrom Page 6

From Page 10

How do you explain the SARC vs. the board material?

On Page 26 of the 2012 Mateo Sheedy School Acountability Report Card, there are 18 fully credentialed teachers, and zero uncredentialed teachers.  But on Page 12 of the SARC, there are 31% of teachers lacking a full credential.

Teacher Disconnect

It’s a similar story at Los Suenos Academy, their SARC is below, with a total of 506 students, they ran a 33:1 student to teacher ratio according to their SARC.

2013 California Department of Education Staffing Reports:

FTE Teachers
Percent English Proficient
Pupil Teacher Ratio
Rocketship Discovery Prep6381643.3%39.9:1
Rocketship Los Suenos Academy6261544.6%41.7:1
Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary5891656.5%36.8:1
Rocketship Si Se Puede Academy65816.251.2%40.6:1
Rocketship Mosaic Elementary6351657.4%39.7:1
Morgan Hill Unified4696188.558%25:1